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Who is Kat?

Hello! I’m Kat McManus (she/her) and I’m running to be your representative on City Council for Ward 2.  I’m a Mother, Daughter, Aunt,  and a Sister. 


Creatively Engaging Our Community

I understand the need to reach and engage all people in our community. One of the many ways I do this is by leveraging the power of video and social media to promote local businesses and events, effectively drawing attention to our vibrant downtown and community.

I’m deeply committed to social justice and grassroots movements, and I’ve devoted my life to fostering inclusive and tightly-knit communities. My decision to run for city council is rooted in the values instilled in me growing up on an agricultural hay farm. These values underpin my conviction that we must protect farmland from unsustainable or detrimental development. 


Responsible Growth

Loveland is at a pivotal crossroads. I believe we can find a balance between growth and supporting our existing community. To do that we need to hold developers accountable for creating affordable housing that is sustainable and high quality.

I've witnessed the widespread sale of land for development purposes throughout my life, and I fully comprehend the rationale behind many farmers' choices. However, I believe we can do a better job as a community to provide farmers with options that allow them to support their families and guard against an unsustainable future by ensuring that selling land to developers isn’t the only option.


Returning Power to Residents

Grassroots movements are powerful. The successful petition drive to remove the food tax in Loveland and give voters a voice in voting on new urban renewal authorities (URAs) has proven that. As your Ward 2 representative, I will represent the entire community regarding how we grow. 


Embracing Proven Strategies to Address Community Needs

I deeply appreciate the need to preserve Loveland's distinct community and culture while addressing emerging challenges. Among these challenges is the pressing issue of homelessness in our region. I am steadfast in my belief that we can work with our neighboring communities and draw upon their experience in providing programs that offer assistance without stripping individuals of their dignity. 


I believe that Loveland can be a more inclusive community, and in doing so will enhance our reputation by embodying the love that defines our town in action. We must translate these ideals into action, through policies and leadership that embrace the potential of every resident. By embracing inclusivity in our policies, we can grow the goodness that is at the core of our City, and work towards a future in which


Loveland is a town of opportunity for all of us. 

This election presents us with a unique opening to chart a course for our community, to effectively channel resources into behavioral health services, explore housing solutions, and introduce transformative programs that are proven to be effective. 


Restoring Faith in Local Government

I hear that residents have lost faith in our local government. People often tell me that they don’t feel heard when they speak up about the decisions being made that are impacting their lives. That needs to change. The People are who I want to represent at City Council.

Community Leader & Advocate

Youth Ski Program: I organized and managed a youth ski program, introducing children to skiing through a school program on Fridays.

Sustainability Education: I took a leading role in organizing the kid section of a sustainability festival, educating youth about environmentally sustainable choices.

Social Media Influence: I leveraged my knowledge to educate local artists on navigating social media algorithms, enabling them to succeed in the digital space. Working with Loveland Creative District was a eye opening introduction to our Loveland arts community.

Diversity and Inclusion: I actively promoted diversity by working with various demographics, and encouraging hiring practices that embraced inclusivity.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy: My leadership work with The Rainbow Collective was instrumental in planning, organizing Loveland's most successful Pride celebration in 2023.  I founded the first LGBTQIAS2+ group in Loveland, organizing events and collaborating with vendors, self-help, and mental health organizations.

HOA Leadership: As President of my HOA community in Durango, I managed board operations and resolved member complaints and challenges concerning communal green spaces.

Youth Education: I volunteered with organizations dedicated to educating youth about the outdoors and environmental conservation.

Farmland Preservation: I participated in the Save Dry Creek group's efforts to preserve farmland against high-density development.

Organic Farming: I managed thousands of plants from start to finish, facilitating two organic farms, plant sales, and farmer's market income.

Kat wants to bring trust back to Loveland as a Councilor for Ward 2 and a representative for all Lovelanders.

Kat believes that a community thrives when it embraces the unique voices, perspectives, and strengths of all of its residents.

Kat spearheads initiatives to foster acceptance and unity through an honest, fair, and inclusive campaign.


"As the city continues to evolve and face new challenges, I remain determined to work towards a future where every voice is heard and where Loveland thrives as an inclusive, vibrant, and healthy community."
- Kat McManus


Why am I running?

  • I believe a strong Loveland needs to include REAL affordable housing, respect for the environment, and accountability from city leadership.

  • I will champion efforts to promote sustainable practices in Loveland. I will encourage the adoption of eco-friendly practices that contribute to a greener future.

  • I will create new connections between youth and their representatives so that youth feel like they truly belong in Loveland, and see themselves as the future of Loveland leadership.

  • Through my tenure, I envision myself as a bridge between the two generations that currently divide the city, fostering understanding, collaboration, and progress.

I am ready to bring my expertise, passion, and integrity to the City Council.

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