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Loveland, Colorado
Kat 4 Loveland!
Kat McManus at the Farmer's Market
Kat talking into the microphone pointing out
kat mcmanus walking parade
kat mcmanus volunteering
kat mcmanus in community
kat mcmanus cleaning loveland

Kat McManus

Loveland City Council Ward 2 Candidate 

Kat McManus brings dedicated leadership and community-driven passion to the forefront as she runs for City Council in Loveland Ward 2. With a focus on enhancing local representation and fostering positive change, Kat McManus is committed to propelling Loveland forward.

  • Community-Centric Approach: Kat McManus's campaign centers around the voices and needs of Loveland Ward 2 residents. Her extensive engagement within the community empowers her to understand and address issues that matter most.

  • Proven Leadership: With a background in effective leadership and collaborative decision-making, Kat McManus is equipped to navigate complex challenges and facilitate productive discussions for the betterment of Loveland.

  • Sustainable Progress: Kat's vision aligns with sustainable growth and responsible urban development, ensuring a prosperous future while preserving the city's unique character.

  • Inclusivity Matters: Kat McManus values diversity and inclusivity, pledging to create a City Council that reflects the community's makeup and provides equitable representation for all residents.


Elevate Loveland Ward 2 by supporting Kat McManus's City Council candidacy. Learn more about her campaign and the positive impact she aims to make.


Your vote matters in shaping the bright future of Loveland.

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